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 Date: December 22, 2005
Welcome to my site! It's been YEARS in the making, and it's finally here!
 Over ten very long months with no updates, FANtasies is back, and better than ever! The site has been revamped a little, and now, since my writing interests have broadened, I've renamed the site to merely be FANtasies Fanfiction.
The Terminator section has finally been added, as well as an American Idol section. There's more fun stuff on the way, and I promise, in the coming year, I will be a better webmistress than I was this year.
This time around, I have got three stories for you, as well as an essay in the Terminator section.
Enjoy, my friends!
Terminator Graphics, a Canthony Christmas story, and possibly more.... stay tuned.


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June 6th, 2004

FANtasies Version 2.0: All My Futures Past
Why did I choose this layout?
1) To celebrate my new upcoming Terminator section, and to give it a new look for the New Year. :)
2) To show that the fiction focus is going to be more on JC this year. :)
Why did I chose the version title "All My Futures Past"?
1) It's the name of a Terminator comic miniseries, which recaps Kyle Reese's departure to 1984. The title reflects his journey: all his futures... the one he has, and any he could have... have become his past.
2) JC says that his new album, due this summer, is "A futuristic look at the past"... kinda sounds like an alternate of the comic title. His past is going to be his future... kinda... well, you get it. :p


Version 1: "POP"



**SPECIAL DISCLAIMER** (added 6/16/04)
In light of recent events, this must be posted. All the characters and/or stories that are on this site are 100% original, and 100% mine, with the exception of any hosted stories and the *NSYNC guys themselves. Other characters that may or may not appear on this site in the future that are not mine could be: Buffy, Angel, Superman, etc.