FANtasies Fanfiction

The Truth



Well, you've finally admitted it

The truth

And now my heart is even more bruised

Those few words tore my tender heart completely apart

"Yes, I am

It's true

But what I feel isn't really real

It's just fun"

But I see past the fun

I see the truth

I see what you really mean: "Yes, I am

Big deal

I don't really love him

I'm using the man

It's just a game

I'm leading him on

I just don't feel the same"

You don't care if you hurt him

It's part of the plan

It's revenge for him getting rid of you years ago

I thought you said you'd never get rid of a fan

He said the same thing

I guess those words were empty

What a shame

I can't believe you'd do something so cruel to him- and me

I looked up to you

Respected you

Believed everything you said was true

But it's not

You're a liar

And I'm on fire

Because I hate you so much

I love him so much

I don't know what I should do

God, help me, please

You know what's in my heart

You know that it's true

You know why I'm so blue

But they have no clue

Why'd you do it?

Why are you doing this?

You're so wrong, so cruel

You've made me be a fool to your lies

Every night I cry

I could just die

But I've got to be strong

'Cause I know that with me is where he belongs

In my arms

Is where he'll be

For the rest of his life, he'll be with ME

So until the day

That I can pull him away

I'll wonder why you lied

Lied about being with the man I love

And why you kept the truth...


NOTE: Please, no hate mail regarding this one. Just a poem about what a fan would feel like if she'd been in love with Justin and had just found out about him dating Britney Spears. It's called an imagination, people! :)