FANtasies Fanfiction

The Boy On The Radio


When I listened to the radio that day

The DJ laughed and yelled, "hey!

There's a new star shining bright"

And when the song started to play, it was like a light

Shining down into the dark hole that I called my life

There was just something about that boy

That boy singing on the radio

And then I saw him on TV

And boy, was that boy a sight to see

Crystal blue eyes, bleached blond hair, and a sweet smile

He nearly drove me wild

That boy on TV

Then I started to see him more and more

Hear him a lot, that's for sure

At my heart strings he tore

Until it was all love that I bore

And now my friends say that I'll never meet him

Even though I did send

So many letters and even a birthday card

Everyone says that I'm trying to hard

But I love him, I honestly love him

What do these people expect from me?

Can't they see

That since my love didn't stop, it's destiny?

So now I hope and pray

That one day

We'll meet

And have a seat

At the finest restaurant in New York

And I hope I don't act like a dork

Maybe, one day, I'll be with that boy on the radio...