FANtasies Fanfiction

The Ranch


I stared around as I stepped off the train. It was an odd little town, nothing like I'd ever seen. I wondered why he'd come here, of all places. It was strange, abnormally quiet. Why'd he want to come here to concentrate so he could write songs? It was so dull. I hadn't even known he was here; he never told me, but his mother had told me. Now if only I could find the ranch in which he was staying.

I found the ranch his mother had told me about in nearly twenty minutes. It wasn't that far from the train station. I saw a little old lady, hunched in front of an easel.

"Excuse me, m'amm?" I asked, glancing at the leafy green trees, the leaves a deep, dark green.

"Yes, young lady?" The old lady asked, never glancing up from her painting.

"My husband came here about three weeks ago-"

She smiled before I could finish. "He's in the barn with the horses." She pointed.

I squeamishly started to walk across the ranch, observing the beauty around me. The ground was a crisp yellow-orange, due to the sun burning the grass. The trees swayed at me, as if asking me to dance with them. I passed two small cottages as I continued to the barn.

Just as I arrived at the barn, I saw a tan-colored horse slip past the doors and a soft, quiet voice within the barn. "Good boy." The voice said gently. "You just gave me an idea."

I pushed the doors open and said his name. He turned, his hands still stroking the blond mane of the tan horse.

"Surprise." I whispered.

"How'd you find me?" he asked, stepping away from the horse.

"Your mom." I said softly.

He smiled, his pale blue eyes laughing. "That woman and her big mouth." He ran his hand through his coal-black hair. "I love her, believe you me, but she'd tell anybody anything. Will she ever learn not to blab my secrets?" His eyes were dancing with joy, despite what he was saying.

"She told me a lot of things." I said, as he walked over and slipped his arm around me.

"What was that?" he asked. "Learn me."

I just laughed as I sit in the barn with my husband.