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8/10/04 Poll Results



reported 12/26/04


Results! Results! I got results here! :D

Shame on you guys, though- only 5 people responded. *shakes head* Anyway.... the five people were (by name only): Amy, Diane, Rhonda, Erin Bonnie, and Sharna. Shout out to them, for taking the time to respond.

Anyway.... here are a few comments that were given regarding the manipulations.

I dunno, I just can't see it. The first one looked more real to me.. his head is sooo much bigger than the body on #2! He looks like he could be one of those Bobblehead dolls. Cute tho and ps love the site!-Amy (lol @ bobbleheads!)


lol. I think those pics are hot! I wish he'd wear something like that for real. lol. Hugging just the right places. lol. -Erin Bonnie


And the result:

*Gross! That's hideous! 1/5

*That's so silly, it's funny. 2/5

*Looks pretty good. 0/5

*That looks so hot! I'm drooling on my keyboard. 2/5

So..... it looks like you think it's funny and hot. Good deal, man. That's what I think too! lol

Thanks to those who participated. You may see another poll in the near future. Keep checking back. :)