FANtasies Fanfiction

On The Plane



The guys of *NSYNC were on a plane flying to Europe, where they'd be doing a benefit concert with the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears for cancer.

Justin got a nice window seat and was really comfortable until JC sat in the seat beside him.

Justin smelled something foul as JC sat next to him.

"What in the CRAP is that?!?" Justin cried.

"Shut up, man. Ya musta crapped your pants." JC said as he put a pair of headphones on his head.

Justin held his nose with his fingers. He could barely take the smell.

He switched seats and moved to the window seat next to Lance. He told him how much JC smelled.

"He didn't take a shower this morning." Lance said.

"Eww." Justin said.

"And he didn't use deodorant."


"AND he wet the bed last night."

"And might I add, EEEEWWWWW!!" Justin commented.

"Yeah." Lance agreed.

Fifteen minutes later, Lance was asleep and Justin was trying.

Suddenly, Lance started snoring. Justin yanked a pillow out of his gym bag, and tried to cover his ears with it. He groaned when Lance let out a particularly loud snore.

Then, ever-so-suddenly, from Lance, came


Justin raised his head in disgust and fanned his nose.

"Oh, man...  Lance!" he muttered.

The "PLLupt!" noises continued.

"Aww, man..." The horrifying smell gagged him.

He hit Lance in the head with the pillow.

"What?" Lance mumbled.

"Man, quit lettin' it out!" Justin cried.

"Sorry, man... <PLLupt!> Those refried beans I ate at <PLLubt!> the Mexi-raunt last night <PLLubt!> are working <PLLubt!> overtime!" Lance cried.

Justin grabbed his bag and moved to the seat next to Chris.

"Lance is sick, ain't he, man?" Justin asked him.

"Yeah. Sure is." Chris said as he turned his portable CD player up.

Justin put his pillow behind his head and closed his eyes.

"I'll be thur fer yoo, when da rain starts at pour, I'll be thur fer yoo, like I been thur be-fer, I'll be thur fer yoo, Cuz yer thur fer mee toooo-" Chris sang the "Friends" theme off-key.

Justin covered his ears with the pillow. "Oh, my friends are the biggest pack of idiots that I've ever met." He thought.

Suddenly, he smelled something kinda funky.

"EWW, DUDE, what is that?!?" He exclaimed.

Chris sniffed the air as he took his headphones off.. "Aww, man, these Depends ain't workin!!" he cried as he got up and ran off to the bathroom.

Justin gathered his stuff together and went over to sit next to Joey.

"Why's he usin' Depends?" He asked as he seated himself.

"He's old. He craps his pants too much." Joey said.

"Looks like they ain't workin'!" Justin said.

"'OOPS! I crapped my pants!'" Joey cried, impersonating Chris, and Justin chuckled.

Joey fell fast asleep and started snoring.

Justin had to cover his ears yet again. He watched Joey with a look of sheer puzzlement.

With each snore, Joey's tongue would pop out of his mouth, and then roll back in.

"Sick." Justin thought.

Suddenly, a fly landed on Joey's tongue. He rolled his tongue into his mouth and Justin heard him swallow.

"Eww, Joey!!" He yelled.

Joey thrusted his eyes open. "What?!?"

"DUDE!! You just swallowed a FLY, man!" Justin exclaimed.

Joey looked at Justin for a moment, then shrugged.

Justin grabbed his stuff and moved once more.

Thank goodness Britney had decided to fly over with them. He still would have someone to sit with.

He sat beside her. She was fast asleep, and yet, she had a huge smile on her face.

Justin watched his 16-year-old friend with curiosity.

"MMM... JUSTIN." She muttered in her sleep.

Justin looked out the window. He threw his hands to his face.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He yelled, Maculey Culkin-esquely.