FANtasies Fanfiction

*NSYNC Goes Clubbin'!



JUSTIN looked a little down in the dumps as he walked across the lawn to Joey's new van.

"Yo, J-Dawg, cheer up." JC said as he leaned his head out the passenger's window. "You'll find another woman, man."

"You don't understand, dude. I was really starting to like Mags, and then she found out I was playing her." He said as he opened the sliding door.

"Yo, she BOUND to find out when you admit to 'TEEN' that this is the first time you've ever 'played the field'-"

"Direct quote." Lance cut JC off.

"Anyways, you'll go on to bigger and better things."

"I was at bigger and better things, yo. My backup ho, Britney, is toast cause I put that restraining order against her-"

"She was stalking you, bro." Chris interjected.

"-And that two times fat/phat cop said I was too-"
"Conceited?" Joey suggested.

"Male ho-ish?" Chris said.

"Wack?" Lance said loudly.

"Fly?" JC asked.

"Exactly, bro. She said my fly butt was a little too fly. Is that even possible?" Justin asked.

"Yo, dude, get your fly butt in the car." JC said.

Justin climbed into the van and sat next to Lance.

"Least you got a woman." he murmured.

"Yeah, I know, but I'm sick and tired of keeping that on the down low, ya know? I mean, the world just can't know that Gloria Estefan be cheatin' on her husband with a guy half her age, dawg. But I'm getting sick of it." JC said.

Lance shut the door.

"Yo, let's make a pact." Justin said suddenly. "Let's make a pact. We gonna get us some women tonight, and we gonna get our mack on. We gonna find us some hunnies, guys." He held up his fist.

The others stacked their fists atop his.

"PACT!" They all shouted.



Justin stepped out of the van wearing tight, black leather pants and a tight, black muscle shirt.

The music was flowing from the club and outside.

"Go in." The bouncer muttered four times. Joey, Chris, Lance, and JC went into the club. He looked at Justin. "Son, I need to see some ID."

"Say wha?!?"

"ID, son. You know, this is an over-18 club."

"Yo, dawg, I am over 18!" Justin cried, shoving his driver's license in the bouncer's face.

"You're clear."

Justin shoved his driver's license back into his pocket. "I know I'm fly enough to look 16, but I ain't, dawg." he muttered. He slid through the door. He looked around.

Joey, aka "the fat pimp", was already trying to get his mack on. He was sitting next to a gorgeous blond girl. "Girl, do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes."

She smiled. "You're cute, for a fat guy. My name's Lauren."

JC approached a redhead. "Screw me if I'm wrong, but is your name... YOLANNNDAA?!?" He stretched the last word out.

"You're wrong." she said with a somewhat deep voice. "It's Tina... And are those space pants? Cause that butt is out of this world!"

JC smiled. "What can I say? I take my vitamins... And, apparently, so do you..."

Lance approached another blond. She turned... and Justin's eyes flew wide. It was Britney!

"Hi, my name is Lance. Remember it, 'cause you'll be screaming it all night long."

She slapped him.

Chris sat beside a bleached blond at the bar.

"Girl, your lips look so lonely... Would they like to meet mine?" he asked.

Lance stared at Britney. Suddenly, she smiled.

"Lance, did I ever tell you that I'm from the South, and I like to visit there... FREQUENTLY?"

"Ooh. Sounds good to me." he said.

Justin sat on a stool at the bar, a few stools down from Chris.

A brunette with long, flowy curls sat next to him.

The bartender looked at Justin. "Sir?"

"Give me a glass of wine. Any kind. Surprise me, brotha."

The girl smiled to herself.

The bartender went over to get Justin's order.

Justin could see the girl checking him out. He turned to face her. "Can I see your tag?" he asked.

She giggled. "What?" She tucked her hair behind her ear.

He reached over, pulled her tag up from the back of her dress, looked at it, and then tucked it back in. "Just like I thought. You was made in heaven."

She smiled shyly and looked down.

"Girl, would you touch me so that I can say that I've been touched by an angel?" he whispered.

She looked up and giggled again. "I'm sorry, but do you have a license to drive me that crazy... Justin?" she asked.

"Oh, so you know who I am. That's good, cause you gonna know wayy more than that before the night's over."

She giggled again. "Joey may be the biggest flirt, but YOU are the king of pickup lines." she said.

He laughed.

"Sir? Your order." The bartender said.

Justin turned and took the glass. He swallowed a little. "Yo, man, WHAT is this crap?!? I ain't drinkin' this! Get me something else, or you don't get no tip, dawg!" he cried. He turned back to the girl. "Sorry about that, angel. Where was we?" he smiled. She stared up into his eyes. "Yo, girl, wuz wrong? Do I gotz snot on ma face?" he asked.

"No. Your face looks perfect."

"Thanks. I know I'm fly." he said. "So, you gonna tell me your name or not, girl?"

"It's Belle."

"Like the beauty in 'Beauty And The Beast'?" he asked. She nodded. "Your momma named you right, cause you are a beauty."

She giggled. "God knows you aren't the Beast." she said. She smiled bigger. "Are you sure you aren't the flirty one?"

"I don't know, Belle." he said. "I really don't know..."


The *NSYNC guys were sitting around Justin's living room the next day.

"How'd we do on the pact, guys?" Justin asked.

"Great." They all agreed.

"Yeah, for the first time in a long time... My phat butt gots some!" Joey cried.

"Joe, that's too much info, bro." Justin said.

"I must confess... I did too!" Lance cried happily in a sing-song voice, sipping his coffee.

"Dude, everybody knows that Britney be a ho. She'll do anything and anybody." Justin declared.

"You're just jealous cause she never did YOU." Lance said.

"And big deal. Who cares? She might have AIDS, for all you know." Justin shook his head in disgust, then looked at his best friend. "How'd you do, 'C?"

"Well, I invited Tina in, and told her to wait in the kitchen; I had something I needed to show her that was upstairs. She went in there and waited. I went upstairs to my room, and Gloria was sittin' on my bed wearin' this beautiful dress, and holding a bottle of wine, two glasses, and had a rose between her teeth.

"I said I'd be back. I ran downstairs, told Tina I couldn't find it, and that I'd call her later. She left, and I went back to my woman." he finished.

Justin laughed. "Just can't get enough of your old lady, can ya, dude?" he asked loudly.

Joey, Lance, and Chris laughed.

"Aww, heck no." JC said. "What about you, Chris?"

"Debbie said I was stupid. She duped me after two dances." he said angrily.

"Sorry, man." Lance said.

"But the bartender let me have free drinks the rest of the night." Chris smiled.

"Good deal, man." Joey slapped him on the back.

Then they all looked at Justin.

"What happened with MISS PUPPYTOES?" JC asked.

"I drove her home and gave her a kiss goodnight. No big deal." Justin said.

"Is that all... Pimp Daddy?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, that's all, foo. Nothin' else happened."

"Yeah, right!" Joey scoffed.

"Really!" Justin cried.

His four friends howled with laughter.

"Couldn't keep your pants on, could ya, Justy?" Lance asked.

"Man, shut up. You stupid." Justin said.

"She probably wouldn't let you." The other four taunted.