FANtasies Fanfiction

A New Dawn


Though it hurts to admit that you are gone

I know that you are watching me from above

And sending all your love

You have seen a new dawn


And I'm still here on this wretched earth, wondering why we never met

But in my mind, you're telling me not to fret

You're telling me that someday, somewhere, I will meet you


You were like a friend to me

A best friend

And I wonder why I never got to see you face-to-face

Why did your life have to end?

It flew by like a race


I never got to say hi to you

So I never got to say goodbye to you

This pain will never end

And my heart will be forever on the mend

And I know you're sending me comfort, although I'm not accepting

Because this sadness is never-ending

Because you descended to another world

Without a final goodbye

And it makes me cry my eyes out

And no matter how hard I try, I can't stop


You seemed fine

You seemed healthy

Your heart was wealthy

And then you were suddenly sick

And I never knew it

Nobody did

But why did you suddenly have to cease to exist?

It's not right

It's not fair

It wasn't your time

So why did you have to die?


I'll never be able to say goodbye to you

Though your life is through

I love you, my friend

I depended on you being here longer

But you couldn't be any stronger than you were

It all went by in a blur

And I feel so bad because we never had a chance to confer

But one day, I know I'll meet you, my friend

And then our friendship can truly begin...