FANtasies Fanfiction

My Shining Light


You are a dear friend who is the shining light that brightens my day

The happiness that you bring me will never go away

You mean so much to me, what can I say?

I'm down, I'm sad, and then

Suddenly, you're there

You bring an outrageous smile to my face

In my heart, there's a place that's just for you, because I truly care

When my heart is breaking, and the tears begin

All I have to do is hear your kind, encouraging voice

And I have no choice

But to feel like myself again

Sometimes you make me feel so good about myself

And I don't even have to be someone else

You are a very dear friend, despite that I've never actually spoken to you

You'll never begin to know what you've done for me

You've made me see

All the things that are truly important in life

And I thank you with all of my might

Having you for a friend is a true delight

And I'll treasure

Every moment forever

And hope that you and the others will always stay together...