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Love Me Like You Used To



They were arguing again. Part of her was surprised by that, and yet, a part of her wasn't. They'd been arguing on and off like this for months now. The only difference between now and those other times was that this time, they were in a public place.

She stared at him as he sat, flapping his jaw, jumping onto her about something stupid.

They'd driven into the next town to have dinner at a pretty little diner they'd heard a lot about, and the next thing they knew, after they'd eaten and gotten their bill, he'd started ranting about the price of her meal. She'd stated that she felt that they had enough money to afford such a meal, and she had to eat. He'd proceeded in calling her a pig, and it had set her off. He knew that hurt her, since she'd had weight control problems in the past.

"Don't you know how to shut up, Lance?" She finally spoke again, and tossed the remainder of her fries in his face before standing and exiting the diner.


*In a cozy little restaurant for lovers

It seems so out of place for you and me*


She straightened the little straw hat that sat upon her short brown hair before opening the passenger's door of his new truck. She took out her purse and her sweater before slamming the door shut.

Lance peeped out of the window and saw what she was doing. He shook his head as he placed money down on the table, enough for dinner, and the waitress's tip, and stood to follow his young wife outside.

She bit her lip to stop herself from crying, and as she turned, she came face-to-face with Lance.

"Sammy... baby..." he said softly.

"Don't 'baby' me." she muttered. She looked down a moment, taking off her wedding band. "Here. Take it. It's over." She tossed it at him, and it hit him square in the chest. He watched her with a pained look in his deep green eyes as he caught it, and she turned and walked off.

She began to walk down the side of the road, kicking rocks with her high heels as she found them.

She loved Lance so much, but the fights were beginning to be too much for her.

They'd dated for nearly a year before he'd purposed, and six months later, they had gotten married. They had now been married a year.

The first nine months of their marriage had been blissfully perfect. They held hands nearly everywhere they went, most of the time when he kissed her it was nothing but pure passion, they spent nearly every moment together, and they made love nearly every night.

Somehow in the past few months, that had all changed, and they fought like cats and dogs.

Tears filled her eyes as she stomped down the road and recalled a night early in their marriage.

They'd been in bed, and he was watching some show on Comedy Central. She had been reading a romance novel.

She'd slipped one of her hands under the covers, and while still looking down at her book, ran a timid hand up his leg.

A slow, sweet smile covered his lips, and he turned to look at her.

"Is my baby feeling a little frisky tonight?" he asked, a gleam in his eye.

"Maybe." she replied with a giggle, putting her book down on the bedside table.

His hand moved under the covers, and she shrieked when he began to tickle her side.

In one quick move, he'd turned off the TV and pulled the covers over their heads.

"Ready for playtime?" he chuckled, and she'd let out a shrill giggle.


*We used to play around under the covers*


She looked back, and saw him following in his truck, and began to walk faster.

She shook her head as she thought of the night before.

He was watching a rerun of some old show, and as he sit there, she tried her best to coerce him.

Her hand touched his under the covers, and he didn't even move.

"Lance..." she murmured, kissing his cheek. "Honey..." Her hand pressed to his other cheek, and his head moved slightly until he was looking at her. His breath was on her lips, and she really thought he was going to kiss her, but he didn't.

"Sammy... I'm trying to watch this." he said. "Please."

She never said a word, just backed off.


*But now it's just a place to watch TV*


He caught up to her in the truck, and her head turned slightly to look at him.


*So love me like you used to

When our love was brand new

And darlin', when we're through

You can love me again*


She stuck her nose up in the air, and kept walking.

He pulled up closer to her, and she glanced at him, giving him the evil eye. She was beginning to get frustrated because he wouldn't leave her alone.

"Sammy..." he murmured, leaning over and opening the door.

She angrily slammed the door shut and began to walk ahead of him.

Lance stopped the truck just behind her and leaned his head out the passenger's window.

"Samantha... Come on, baby. Get in the truck."

She said nothing, just turned, bent down somewhat, took off one of her heels, and as she stood again, chunked it at his head.

"Crap." he groaned, rubbing his forehead, dropping her shoe to the floor of the truck.


*And hold me like you want to

Instead of like you have to

Love me like you used to love me

When you used to love me*


She struggled to walk down the road with one shoe on and one shoe off, but was way ahead of him.

He sighed and moved back into the driver's seat.


*Maybe we could use a long vacation*


She was forced to stop walking when he pulled up in front of her, blocking her way.

He hopped out of the truck and ran around it.

"Sammy..." His eyes pleaded with hers. "Samantha... please..."

"I can't do this anymore." she said, her blue eyes red-rimmed and still full of tears. "It hurts too much."

"Sweetie... let's go home and talk." His hands touched her shoulders.

"No." she said firmly, stepping back. "Talking never gets us anywhere. We just start fighting again."

She turned to walk away, and he grabbed her elbow.

"Let go of me!" she shouted, and proceeded in kneeing him between the legs. He stumbled back against the truck, and she sent another blow rippling through him when she took off her other shoe and threw it at him.

Now with completely bare feet, she ran around the truck, and continued down the road.


*But the trouble here is bound to tag along*


Her tears were flowing freely again.

She remembered all the times she'd mentioned to him that he'd inspired her to write a poem, and all the times he'd told her that she inspired him to be a better man.

She could feel her heart breaking in her chest.

She recalled all the times when just the touch of her on his shoulder had sent him into a frenzy.


*We used to be each other's inspiration

When it only took my touch to turn you on*


"I'll give her a little while to calm down." he muttered to himself as he sat in his truck.


*So love me like you used to

When our love was brand new

And darlin', when we're through

You can love me again

And hold me like you want to

Instead of like you have to

Love me like you used to love me

When you used to love me*


It'd taken over an hour, but she'd walked all the way home. She had no idea that he was following her from a distance in his truck.

She sat on the front porch, tears flowing from her eyes as she held her hat in her hand.


*Well, we used to sit and talk about forever

Now we hardly ever talk at all*


She sighed, and stared off into the distance.


*We walked a lot of tight ropes together

We always caught each other when we'd fall*


Oh, how she missed how things used to be. It was almost as if they'd forgotten how to love each other.


*So love me like you used to

When our love was brand new*


She heard an approaching vehicle, and glanced up to see his truck pulling into the driveway.


*And darlin', when we're through

You can love me again*


He watched her with a sad look in his eyes as he stepped out of the truck.

She stood, and studied his features, illuminated by the moonlight.

"Sammy... I'm so sorry, baby." He spoke. He walked toward her, and she didn't move.

As he moved closer, she found herself inching closer.


*And hold me like you want to*


His hands touched her arms, and she practically fell into his.

He pressed kisses all the way up one side of her face, and then down the other.


*Instead of like you have to*


His lips met hers tenderly, and tears sprang to her eyes again.

"Lance..." Her voice was barely a whisper. "I miss the way we used to be. I miss us. Can we ever go back to that?"

He smiled sweetly at her. "Yeah... We need to get back to that."

He unlocked the door, then picked her up and carried her inside. The door slammed shut behind them.


*Love me like you used to love me*


He dropped her purse, sweater, and hat onto the couch, then carried her into their bedroom.


*When you used to love me*


He gently laid her on the bed and sit back to look at her.

"I love you." she whispered.

"I love you, too, baby." he muttered as he kissed her lips. "I love you so very much."


*Love me like you used to*


"I missed you, Lance." She kissed his neck.

"And I missed you, Sammy." he said before giving her a long, sweet kiss.


*When you used to love... me....*



Love Me Like You Used To         written by: Paul Davis and B. Emmons
As performed by: Tanya Tucker