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What's It Gonna Be?


A Chris short story


"I still can't believe you came all the way down here to discuss my thoughts on how should do your hair for the wedding." Julia muttered into the cell-phone as she walked through the mall carrying her purse and a bag. She was talking to Becca, her best friend of nearly eight years.

"Julia, of course I'm gonna ask you." Becca said. "We've been friends since you were thirteen and I was fourteen. I love you, and I want you involved in my wedding."

"I love you, too, Becca, but I'm already involved in the wedding. I'm the maid of honor, remember?" Julia asked. "You should be grateful, 'cause I don't really wanna walk down the aisle holding on to Timberlake's arm. Why don't you get Kelly or Britni to do it? What about your cousin Diana?"

"She figures since she has no one to watch her daughter, she'll just attend." Becca sighed. "She dropped out of being a bridesmaid. And as for Britni and Kelly, you're supposed to pick me up from this darn airport, and then we'll meet up at Joe and Kel's to discuss it."

"Oh, you jackass." Julia murmured as she exited the mall. "I'll be there in twenty minutes."

Thirty minutes later, Becca was in the passenger's seat of Julia's black convertible.

Becca hadn't seen Julia in quite a while, and found herself staring at her friend.

Julia had never looked her real age, even at thirteen. Now, she didn't look like the shy, innocent, not-even-twenty-one year-old that she was. She looked more like she was Justin's age, or even Lance's. The young woman had been in love once, at not even sixteen, but the breakup didn't even hurt her as bad as it would other girls her age. She was smart and self-assured, and nothing stood in the way of her being happy.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Julia asked as she abruptly stopped at the red light, her curly black hair bouncing against her shoulders.

"How gorgeous you are, Curly." Becca murmured.

"Oh, shut up." Julia rolled her eyes. "You've told me that so much, I'm sick of hearing it."

"Speaking of things that are sick, how are things with Chrissy-boy?" Becca grinned.

A little over three months before, on September 1st, Britni had thrown Becca and JC an engagement party that each of the couple's friends attended, and that's where Julia had met Chris. They had hit it off immediately, and he had asked her out within two hours of knowing her. They went on their first date right after the party.

"They're okay." Julia said softly. "We shared our three month anniversary four days ago."

"Hmm. Me and JC's three year anniversary is gonna be exactly two weeks after we get married." Becca said with a smile. "We're getting married on December 15th, and our anniversary is December 29th."

"That's nice." Julia said dryly.

"Julia, you seem a little upset. What's up?" Becca asked.

"It's Chris." Julia said. "I... I really care about him... but I feel like I'm wasting my time." The light changed, and Julia hit the gas. "I know he likes hanging out with me, but I'm not sure if it's a casual thing or what. I'm not sure if he's into me."

*I'm not looking for someone to waste my time

And I'm not the kind of girl to read between the lines

I'm into you, but I need to know

Are you feeling me too?

If you are, let me know

Let me know what's up with you, babe*

"Do you love him?" Becca asked.

Julia sighed. "I don't know. I just feel like he's hiding something from me."

*Remove your mask so I can see behind

See all the feelings you once tried to hide*

"You can't wait forever to find out if he cares about you, Curly. You gotta ask." Becca said.

"I feel so much for him. I just... I wish he would figure out what he wants from me." Julia said.

"I can't wait too long for you to make up your mind

And so I'm telling you that, boy

You're running out of time

I feel as if I'm going through a meltdown overload

I've got so much love inside

Boy, I'm ready to explode*

Becca and Julia arrived at Kelly's house a few minutes later.

"Hey, Julia, what's up?" Kelly asked, giving her a hug.

Julia had met Kelly in Orlando, over two years before. She had known her longer than she'd known Britni, but was still good friends with Britni.

"Hey, Britni. How are things with Lance?" Julia wondered.

"Great." Britni's entire face lit up. "He told me last night that he'd like to marry me one day."

"Aww, Brit, that's great." Becca smiled.

"He even said something about maybe us making babies together one day." Britni said.

"Is it really that great?" Becca wanted to know.

"What?" Britni's face contorted in puzzlement.

"Gettin' freaky with deep-voiced guys. Always heard they couldn't do much." Becca's mischievous grin gave her away.

"Becca, you are a freak!" Britni cried as Kelly and Julia laughed.

"As my fiancÚ has told me." Becca giggled. "Anyhoo, first of all, Julia has a problem. Unload your crap, woman."

Julia explained her situation to Kelly and Britni.

"Write him a letter. Tell him how you feel." Kelly suggested.

"Yeah. Most people express themselves better with written word." Britni agreed.

"I think I'll try that." Julia said.

*Here's a letter from my heart

Keep it simple, not too hard

I wanna be your girl

Read the sign down below

Check the box yes or no*

Later that afternoon, when Juila went to go visit Chris, as soon he opened the door and saw her, he cried, "Yay! Are we gonna go to Chuck E. Cheese again?!?"

"Chris, we need to talk." Julia said, rolling her eyes as she walked in.

"Whatcha think we're doin', woman?" he asked. Instead of acting like the 35-year-old he truly was, he acted like a person thirty years younger.

"Read this." Julia held up a note.

"We're not going to Chuck E. Cheese?" He pouted.

"Read this." She repeated.

"How 'bout we play Monopoly, and if you win, I'll read it, and if I win, you take me to Chuck E. Cheese!" he exclaimed.

"I don't have time for games, Christopher." She was dead set on him reading the note. "I'll leave."

*Are you gonna use me up and throw me all away?

Ain't got time to beat around the bush

Ain't got no time for games

All I ask is just one wish I ask for you to say

That you want me for your girl

And you won't play games

Hey Hey Hey Hey*

"Geez, woman, I was just playin' around." Chris said, taking the note.

"Chris, you're too old to be 'playin' around'." Julia said. "Read it and make up your mind."

*Do you want me?

I'll give you a hint

What to say


"There's only a week and a half until Becca and JC's wedding. If you want a date to it, you better make up your mind about what you want." Julia said.

Chris unfolded the letter and started to read it.

*Every girl wants a guy, that's right

And I've been waiting for this guy all my life

Every girl wants a guy, that's true

We've been kicking it for a while

It could be you*

Julia leaned over and whispered a few words into his ear as he finished the letter.

*I want to know where we stand

Are you gonna be a dog or a gentleman?

Baby, come clean

Keep it straight with me

Tell me, boy

Tell me, boy

Tell me, boy

What's it gonna be?*

"Julia, I like you a lot. What more do you want from me?" Chris asked sincerely.

"Well, you could told me that you like me!" Julia cried.

"I more than like you, Julia. I like like like you. And that's a whole lotta likin' for me!" Chris cried.

Julia giggled. "So, what is this that we have?"

"It's dating." Chris smiled. "It's a serious relationship."

"Oh, Chris, I've been waiting for you to say that." Julia said, putting her arms around his neck.

He kissed her softly.

*Baby, come clean

Keep it straight with me*

Chris grinned. "Now can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?"

Julia giggled and rolled her eyes.

*Tell me, boy

Tell me, boy

Tell me, boy

What's it gonna be?...*



What's It Gonna Be?      written by: Kandice Love and Troy Oliver
As performed by: Jessica Simpson