FANtasies Fanfiction

Rest Of My Life



Joey opened her eyes to the light pouring in the window. She turned over and when her eyes focused she noticed a man, a naked man.

"Oh there’s a pretty sight to wake up to," Joey muttered sarcastically.

"Well good morning to you sunshine," the man said, "but I know for a fact that you love my naked butt."

"Maybe all these years I just lied and said I did," Joey joked as she got up.

"Way to hurt an ego Potter," the man replied.

"I was joking Pacey I love your butt," Joey said as she slapped it.

"Hey no touching remember," Pacey said.

"Well we’re only hours away. Please," Joey begged pulling Pacey into a hug.

"No it was your idea not to practice celibacy until the wedding," Pacey said kissing her then pulling away, "I have to get ready and you better too. We have a hectic day ahead of us."


A few hours later Pacey was standing at the alter. The day both of them had waited for since what seemed like forever had finally arrived. The flower girl had finished walking down the aisle. Then everyone stood up as the bridal march was played and he saw Joey walking down the aisle. She looked even more gorgeous then she had that morning. When she finally reached the alter Pacey saw the tears in the corner of her eyes and knew she saw the tears in the corners of his.

All Joey could think about was that it was finally here after months of planning and many more of their rocky relationship. She was about to marry the man of her dreams. She looked around and saw Bessie sitting in the front row. Jen and Audrey were behind her. She had asked Jen to be her maid of honor, which considering how they started off was ironic, but she wouldn’t have asked anyone else. Pacey decided Doug was going to be his best man. This day had finally arrived. She was marrying her true love.


After the wedding and the reception Pacey and Joey headed home. They were going to the keys on their honeymoon in a few days. They decided that this was where there love grew, but unfortunately they couldn’t go on a sail boat this time.

As Joey emerged from the bathroom she saw Pacey standing naked. "Why do I have to see your naked butt twice in one day?" Joey asked.

"Hey you’ve gone six months without seeing it. You need to make up for lost time," Pacey said.

"Yeah well we’ve gone six months without doing other things also," Joey said as she moved over to Pacey.

"Josephine Potter are you suggesting something?" Pacey asked. He turned around and gave her a kiss.

"It’s not Potter anymore," Joey replied.

"Right, well Mrs. Witter what do you wish to do first?" Pacey asked as they kissed again.

"Well it’s been a long day. I’m kind of tired. I think it’s better if we just sleep for a little while," Joey said looking up at Pacey.

"Yeah I’m tired too. Plus we have the rest of our lives to make up for those months," Pacey said as he climbed into bed with Joey following him, "goodnight Mrs. Witter."

"Goodnight Mr. Witter," Joey said as she settled into Pacey’s arms. If this was what the rest of her life was going to be like she was ready for it.




story and graphic by: Jenna