FANtasies Fanfiction

Minnie P.'s Hideout



"YO, MINNIE, get out from unda the bed!" Mickey yelled.

Ah's was hidin' unda his bed. It coulda bin classified az mine. Ah mean Ah's slept in it when Ah's stayed dere befo.

"This be ma bed, yo!" Ah's shouted.

"Whateva." Mickey said. Ma brotha wuz soo mad at mae, man. His NOZE wuz even mad, yo!

"Yo, Q.T. Come getz yo woman out from unda the bed!" Mickey sit up on his kneez and yelled out da bedroom.

"He can't do that." Chad said from da door.

"Why not?" Mickey and Ah asked in unison.

"The bed ate him." Chad said redundantly.

"WHA?!?" Ma brotha and Ah's screamed.

Jerry stucks his head in da door. "What Chad means is that Q.T. is hiding under his bed."

Mickey leaned bak down and peeyaed unda da bed. "Yo, Minnie P., come on owt, dawg!"

"Naw, dawg. If Ah's do dat, you'ze be kickin' mah booty all ova the da-yang houze, yo!" Ah's yelled.

"Da-yang straeight!" Mickey yelled. "Yo booty gon' be red lyk uh lobsta!"

"Mickey, stop. Doug is trying to coax Q.T. out right now." Jerry said.

"Yea, and az soon az Doug do, Ah's gon' kick his booty.... AGIN!" Mickey yelled. "Yo, ma best friend ain't gon' marry ma lil sista and getz away wit it!"

"Come on, dawg. Ah's love him." Ah's whimpered.

"'Love him'?" Mickey mocked mae. "You be a fat white chick from da ghetto! Whut he be seein' in you, dawg? He uh coo brotha, an' he ain't gon' be wit no fat chick, dawg! Dude iz uh hard book ta read, ba Ah's can read him. Ah's just tryin' ta protect ma lil sista!"

Someone cleared his throat. (Hey, itz could be no one ba uh him, cause Erin wuz gon!)

"Hey, Mickey, what's under your bed? What are you talking to?" Uh voice asked. "And don't tell me a sock, cause a sock doesn't have a girl's voice."

Mickey turned. "Q.T., youze betta getz yo booty bak unda da bed, 'fore Ah's beat you down!"

"Dawg, leave him alone!" Ah's cried. "Don' beat him down. Beat MAE down!"

Bye dat tyme, Mickey had don stood up.

He leaned ova and looked unda da bed. "Aiight. Dat'll work."

"Mickey, no, please. I'm the guy. Beat me up." Q.T. was quick to reply.

"Getz owt from unda da da-yang bed, Minnie!" Mickey yelled. "Dere's no use in hidin! Ah's jus getcha when ya comes owt."

Q.T. casually walked in, gotz down on his handz and kneez, and looked unda da bed at mae. "Come on out." he said softly, reaching his hand unda da bed.

Ah's did as he asked and come owt.

We bof stood and held handz. He looked at mae, and wit his eyez he asked mae uh question. Ah's nodded slowly, agreeing wit him.

"Yo, Mick, mae and Q.T.... we'z be in this togetha. You gon hav ta beat bof uf us..." Ah said. "... Grasshole."

Q.T. smiled. Dat wuz his word.

Mickey growled, an we'z bakd up toward da door.

"You betta run!" he shouted, and we'z did.

5 minute lata, Mickey wuz tryin ta break down Q.T.'s door, and we'z wuz side-bye-side.

"He'll give up soon." Q.T. whispered.

"Yo, Q.T., if ya hear somethin movin unda yo bed, don wonda whut it is. Don wonda whaz unda yo bed." Ah's sighed. "Cuz it willz be mae."