FANtasies Fanfiction



I never knew I cared so much

But you left in such a horrible way

You never said goodbye

It was such a shocking day

And the tears are still fresh to my eyes


Now when we think of you, we all just sigh

Because you never said goodbye

You seemed fine

It wasn't your time

But you left us

You left us with a desire for more

More smiles

More laughter

More of that beautiful voice, that's for sure

We expected to see more of you

But after only a few months in the light, you were gone

Your star was the brightest shown

But now it has fallen


You were so sweet

So kind

So gentle

So funny

You made any day turn sunny

But now that you're gone, the day's so dark and cold

You were so bold

But now you've faded

Faded into the night

Into the air

I never realized just how much I cared


You were more than just one of my favorite stars

You were like a friend

A best friend

And now you're so far away

Out of touch

Out of reach

And to think you left us just after your birthday

You disappeared

Into the sky

We never realized how soon you would fly


You never said goodbye

And we're still crying

We knew that one day you'd be gone

But not this soon

We didn't know you'd leave us

There was no time for you to say goodbye

No one knew that you were going to die. . .