FANtasies Fanfiction

Just A Doll


I wish I could make you come to life

But I can't

You're just a doll

You're tore into my heart like a knife


If I could make you real

I'd make you feel

Like a new man

But it's not a big deal because I can't


I love you so much if only I could just feel your touch

My life would be worth every battle I've faced

And every fear that has chased me


But I can't feel your hands on my body

It's true

I feel so blue

Because it's you that I want

It's you that I need

Oh I wish God would feed this hungry soul, craving for your love

You're like a beautiful angel, made by God and sent from above

I wish I could touch you, I wish I could hold you in my arms

I know that I've fallen for your charms

But I can't help it

I love you


But I can't make you real

I can't bring you to life

I can't make you love me

You're just a celebrity who is so successful that you have become immortal in the form of a doll

And I am just a girl with a crush on you



Special Note: Just like as stated on The Truth, this is a pure work of fiction... by someone who owns a Justin puppet. :p