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"Hi, Lance." she whispered as she walked by, almost strutting, and smiled coyly when she saw his pale cheeks turn a bright, luminous red.

Sometimes, it felt like she lived for teasing him. Taunting him. Driving him crazy with desire. His crush on her was obvious; though they were barely friends, she knew. JC had told her.

Ah, JC. He was the object of her desire. She'd known him probably a year, and she was completely gaga over him. But he couldn't see her as more than just a good friend. But that didn't stop her from trying.

*Ah, crush, ahhh*

It had been just a few months before that JC had told her that his best friend had a bashful-but-mad crush on her. She wasn't stupid. She was a bit humbled that a guy like Lance liked her, but the man she wanted was JC, and she doubted that'd ever change. But she couldn't resist teasing Lance, and flirting with him. It was just a source of fun for her, and seeing him blush made her laugh.

*I see ya blowin' me a kiss

It doesn't take a scientist

To understand what's going on, baby*

Lance looked down somewhat and cleared his throat.

"Hi, Chrissy." His voice was hushed, as if it was trying to catch in his throat.

She turned somewhat as she stood in front of the kitchen doorway. "How are you?" she asked, flipping her long brown locks over her shoulder.

"Um, I'm fine, thanks." She could hear the nervousness in his deep voice, and her eyes glinted, fiery blue, and full of mischief.

*If you see something in my eye

Let's not over-analyze*

"Good... Where's JC? We were supposed to have a DVD night." She eyed him, almost appreciatively. He looked better than she'd ever seen him, his hair free of gel and flat on his head, wearing form-fitting jeans and a plain brownish sweater. He looked casually flushed.

"He made a run to Blockbuster. He hasn't been gone all that long." He looked down again. "I hope you don't mind that he invited me."

She grinned and threw her purse next to the couch. "Of course not." Her eyes wandered over him again, and she had to restrain herself from laughing when she saw him gulp.

*Don't go too deep with it, baby*

"Would you like something to drink? A soda, maybe?" she asked.

"Um... A Dr. Pepper would be fine."

"Coming up."

She smiled secretly to herself as she entered the kitchen. Oh, how she loved watching the country boy squirm. Definitely her idea of a good Friday night.

"Hmm..." She bit her lip, planning what mischief she could do to him while JC was gone.

She walked back into the living room carrying two Diet Dr. Peppers, and sit one on the arm of the couch where Lance was sitting, then sat with hers at the other end.

He glanced over at her, looking a bit puzzled.

"What?" She looked up at him innocently. "What is it?"

"Wasn't there any regular?" he questioned.

"Oh." She looked surprised. "I'm sorry. I just grabbed two of what I drink without thinking." She laid her unopened can next to her on the couch. "Here, let me get another one for you..."

He was surprised when she leaned over his lap to grab the can of soda off the arm of the couch.

His cheeks blazed blood red as the low neckline of her halter top revealed an ample amount of cleavage.

When her hand finally caught the can, he nearly jumped out of his skin as she fell into his lap.

"Oopsy. Sorry about that." she murmured as she pulled up and started to move herself back. As she moved backward, her hand brushed his thigh and his eyes widened.

*So let it be what it'll be

Don't make a fuss and get crazy over you and me*

"What? What is it, Lance?" The innocent look had returned.

"Um... Nothing." He cleared his throat.

"I'll be right back." She got up and darted into the kitchen.

Lance let out a long sigh and shook his head.

She returned a minute or so later carrying the right can of soda and handed it to him.

*Here's what I'll do

I'll play loose*

As she opened her can, she watched him sit his on the couch arm, and she asked, "Aren't you gonna drink it now?"

"Nah, I'm gonna save it." His eyes met hers, and she immediately looked away.

*Not like we have a date with destiny*

She took a long, languid sip of her soda, then shook her head.

"Hmm... I think I want a straw..." She stood with the can in hand, and suddenly, it was falling our of her grip. It landed right in his lap, and the sticky liquid spilled all over his jeans.

"Oops..." she whispered, putting her hand over her mouth.

*It's just (aah)

A little crush (crush)*

"I'm sooo sorry, Lance!" she cried. "Let me get that..." She grabbed her purse and pulled some napkins out of it.

He handed her the empty can, and just as he was about to stand, she started blotting at his pants leg with a napkin, causing him to jump.

*Not like I faint

Every time we touch*

He pushed her hand back as his cheeks burned, and quickly stood.

"JC might have some extra jeans I can wear." he murmured.

As he started towards JC's bedroom, the smirk on her face grew. My, she certainly knew how to push his buttons.

*It's just (aah)

Some little thing (crush)

Not like everything I do

Depends on you*

She disposed of the empty can, and was back in the living room, sitting on the couch again, when Lance returned, having changed into a pair of JC's jeans. They seemed to be a bit more snug than the previous pair, and she found herself staring at him.

*It's raising my adrenaline

You're banging on a heart of tin*

"What's wrong, Chrissy?" he asked. He looked at himself. "Did I forget to zip my fly or something?" He saw the way she was looking at him, and seized the opportunity to tease her for once.

"Um... No. Of course not." She smiled pleasantly.

*Please don't make too much of it, baby*

He watched her curiously, and as he sat next to her, it was obvious that she was plotting something.

*You say the word "forevermore"

That's not what I'm looking for

All I can commit to is "maybe"*

She felt bored, and decided to up the torture level a bit.

"Why don't you just admit it already?"

"Admit what?"

"You know exactly what, Lance."

*So let it be what it'll be

Don't make a fuss and get crazy over you and me*

"You know exactly what, Mr. Bass." She scooted closer to him.

*Here's what I'll do

I'll play loose*

"I don't know what you're talking about, Chrissy." He saw the game she was playing, and decided to play his side innocently.

*Not like we have a date with destiny*

"Oh, come on." She laughed. "I know you want me."

*It's just (aah)

A little crush (crush)*

"I want nothing of the sort." he muttered.

Her hand pressed against his chest, and his breathing deepened.

*Not like I faint

Every time we touch*

"Don't lie to me, or yourself." She whispered in his ear, then surprised him by kissing it. "It'll get you nowhere fast."

*It's just (aah)

Some little thing (crush)*

She slung one leg over his lap and straddled him.

*Not like everything I do

Depends on you*

His mouth formed an "o" and his eyes flew wide.

"Hmm. Let's prove you 'want nothing of the sort'." There was a sultry glaze over her eyes, and she ran her fingers over his cheek.

He watched her, completely at her mercy, unable to move, unsure of her next action.

She shocked him when she pressed her lips hard against his, sending a volt of electricity up his spine.

*Vanilla skies (Vanilla skies)

White picket fences in your eyes*

He allowed the kiss to deepen, feeling completely, utterly happy, and his hands moved to her waist.

*A vision of you and me

(You and me...)*

His hands slowly slid up her back as she slowly moved her lips from his, and he felt a shiver engulf him when she tauntingly ran her tongue over his lips.

She pulled back to look at him, her breath on his lips, his hands resting on her skirt-clad legs.

*It's just (aah)

A little crush (crush)*

She burst into giggles and moved away from him to stand on the floor.

*Not like I faint

Every time we touch*

"The look on your face is all too amusing, cowboy." She smirked. "If I would have known I would have caused that sort of reaction... I would have done that a LONG time ago."

*It's just (aah)

Some little thing (crush)*

His brow furrowed in confusion, and he was more than a little angry.

*Not like everything I do

Depends on you*

She continued giggling, and he stared at her.

"You freakin' tease." He finally spoke.

*Not like I faint

Every time we touch*

In one quick move, he reached forward and yanked her back onto his lap.

*It's just (aah)

Some little thing (crush)*

She'd stopped laughing by then, and her eyes were wide with wonder. She wanted desperately to move, but found that she couldn't.

"That's all you are, Chrissy. A freakin' tease." He was nearly growling at her. "But that's about to change."

*Not like everything I do*

His hands ran up her back. "I'm about to make you want me as much as I want you."

She stared into his vibrant green eyes, mesmerized by his sudden bravery.

*Depends on you*

His mouth caught hers in a heated caress, and she found herself reciprocating the movement.

*Not like I faint

Every time we touch*

He moved his mouth from hers, and copied what she'd done earlier by slowly running his tongue over her lips.

She leaned back to look at him, completely stunned.

And she'd always believed he was shy. Huh. Sure didn't seem that way.

*It's just (aah)

Some little thing*

"So... Did I make you want me?" he asked, his voice lowering ever-so-deeper.

She sat and stared at him a moment, then shocked them both when she slammed her lips back against his.

He groaned against her lips and flipped her over to her back against the couch.

His hand held to her knee, pulling it around him.

Suddenly, they heard the door open.

They stopped wha they were doing and looked up.

"Woah..." JC stood, carrying a small bag. "So you guys are finally hooking up?"

The two remained silent.

JC smiled. "Cool. Don't let me stop you. Have at it." He dropped the bag on the floor. "I'll come back in, like, an hour. Have fun." He turned on his heel, and left the same way he'd come in.

Chrissy and Lance looked from the door to each other, then burst into laughter.

*Not like everything I do*

"Mmm.. So where were we?" The deepness in his voice intensified, and he licked his lips.

"Um... Somewhere... About..." Her lips moved close to his. "Here..."

His lips commanded hers again, and she couldn't help but give in.

*Depends on you...*

Crush     written by Andy Goldmark, Mark Mueller, Berry Cosgrove and Kevin Clark
As performed by Jennifer Paige