FANtasies Fanfiction





"WELL, Josh, you've completed yet another successful mission. How do you feel?" The man asked. He had short, spiky, bleached blond hair, and lime-green eyes.

The man with coal-black hair and perspicuous blue eyes smiled. "I feel great, boss." He paused a moment, then laughed. "It feels so weird to call you that. Your dad was OUR boss for so many years. I'm sorry about him, Lance. He was a second father to me, you know."

"Yeah. I just can't believe he left the spy agency to ME, of all people. I'm not very responsible, Josh." Lance said softly.

"Sure you are, Lance. Why else would he leave it to you? He knew you'd take care of business. He knew you wouldn't blow our cover." Josh ran a hand through his somewhat long, spiky hair.

"I have another mission for you, Joshua." Lance changed the subject. "Justin will come along, but you will not work with him."

"Splendid." Josh replied. He seemed so much older than 27, and Lance seemed older than 24.

Lance pressed a button, like an intercom, and began to speak. "Justin Timberlake, please report to Lance Bass's office. A.S.A.P."

The door opened, and a young man with curly dark brown hair and dark blue eyes entered the room.

"Good, Justin." Lance said. "Now, guys, this is your mission: there's a crime ring in Paris, and one of the guys is THE American steel dude, Chris Kirkpatrick, and a couple of his buddies. His wife, Danielle, is in on it. His step-daughter knows nothing of their crimes. They've already smuggled four missiles from Iraq, and are considering hitting Japan."

"So, what's our mission, Lance?" Justin wondered.

"Josh, you must get on the inside." Lance said. "His step-daughter is very sympathetic towards the Japanese; she has a friend of that descent. If she discovers that Kirkpatrick wants to start a war with Japan because they will not allow one of his companies there, she will not agree with him, and will take our side. That will insure the success of the mission."

"And what is my part in this mission?" Justin asked.

"You must befriend an assistant of Kirkpatrick's, a man named Joey Fatone. Again, try to get on the inside." He took a breath. "Never speak to one another in public, as that will blow your cover. There will be, however, a special place for the two of you to meet to talk basics." Lance smiled. "I wish you the best of luck, boys."