FANtasies Fanfiction




"THE END of another successful mission. How do you feel, Josh? How does agent 008 feel?" Lance asked.

"Like crap." Josh announced. "The truth is, boss, I never really wanted this job. And you can't say you wanted it, either."

"The two were in Lance's hotel room in Paris. It was two days later, and soon, they'd be meeting a private jet on Loverlorne Mountain to take them home. Chris was dead, Britney was dead, Bobbee was dead. Joey and Danielle were imprisoned. The world was saved, for the moment. But Josh still found it silly to say they'd be "going home"- none of the agents had a home, not in a long time.

"No, I can't, Chasez." Lance smiled sadly. "I was thrust into this before I ever even had my first real girlfriend.. So was Justin. That's why we're still virgins." He chuckled. "You were always the smooth one. You're probably our only non-virgin agent. You've had so many... affairs on the job."

"Yeah... That's what you think." Josh sighed.


"Come on, man. You ready?" Justin asked, on crutches, and about to board the jet.

"Yeah... I'm coming." Josh murmured.

Justin boarded the jet, and Lance was next to start climbing the stairs into the plane. He stopped abruptly to turn and look at Josh.

"What?" he wondered.

"Chasez. JC Chasez." A sultry feminine voice muttered in an obviously fake French accent.

He turned. "Heather. My darling." He took her into his arms. "I must go, my love."

"No. I can't-"

"You have to let me go. I love you, and I will always treasure the love we've shared, but now I must leave."

"No, 008. She doesn't have to let you go." Lance smirked.

"W-What?" Josh couldn't believe his ears.

Lance came down to face Heather. "Heather Danielle Thomas, I hereby induct you into the Jive Agency under the title 'Agent 99'. Congratulations."

"But I don't understand." Heather and Josh said in unison.

"Since you helped us succeed our mission, and both of your parents are out of commission, you are, pretty much, protected by the Jive Agency. You are now a spy." Lance beamed. "Welcome to the Agency, 99."


"And this... is my office." Lance smiled.

He, JC, Justin, and the Harlesses had just completed giving Heather a look around the Agency.

"Wow." Heather's smile suddenly dropped. "Am I going to be on a mission right away?"

Lance chuckled. "Of course not. We need to initiate you and get you set up."

"'Initiate'? 'Set up'?" She looked confused.

"Well, we have to initiate you into the Agency by giving you your gear and such. And then we have to get you set up by settling you in your apartment."

"My... apartment?"

"Yeah. The Agency has some apartments in the back." Lance said. "You won't be on missions all the time."

"You can 'settle' her in my apartment." JC said, putting his hands on Heather's shoulders. "She goes with me."


"You know... Maybe I should buy some lipstick from your cosmetics company, Mr. Husho." Heather smiled seductively. She pulled a tube of lipstick out from between her breasts. She slowly removed the lid and turned the bottom, ready to put on some lipstick. She shocked the 30-something man across from her when she pressed the bottom of the tube, and a side portion of the tube popped out, revealing a knife. She held it up to his throat. "Spill all, Mr. Husho, or I'll chop your meat."

Just then, the window of the deluxe hotel room shattered, and in swung JC on a Batman-like rope.

"Nice of you to drop in." Heather said, standing up.

While she held the knife to Husho's throat, JC tied the man to his chair.

"Nice 'stick. Whatcha call it?" JC asked.

"'Kiss Of Death'."

"That works well."

"What was the 'Batman' thing?"

"'Swinging Bat Flier'."

"Awesome." Heather said. "Mr. Husho, tell all, or I guarantee that your death will not be pretty."

"Okay, okay!" The Chinese man cried.

"Okay. We got a confession out of him!" Lance cried as he listened to Husho's confession from the van. He'd been wise to bug Heather and JC.

"Oh my gosh!" Heather burst into laughter during she, JC, and Lance's flight home. "You should have seen the look on his face when I showed him the knife. It reminded me of your dad when we told him our jobs!"

Precisely one week after Heather became a spy, JC had taken her to meet his parents, and, with Lance's permission, he'd told them his true profession. Then he'd given them two choices: they could either join the agency or keep his secret. They opted to keep his secret.

"You two are, by far, the best two agents we have." Lance beamed. Josh has been at this for six years, and you've only been at it for three months. You married folks make a good team!"

Heather and JC had been married for a short two weeks, but it seemed like the had been for years.

"I don't know what I'd do without him." She smiled. "I'm so happy that I was legally emancipated."

"So am I." he muttered, grasping her hand. "It would have been a downright crime if you would have been stuck with those parents of yours."

"And if I hadn't met you, I'd still be living a miserable life." Heather said.

JC smiled. "I'm sure you would have."

"It would have been a crime to have been stuck with Joey..." Heather sighed. "Someone who could never ever love me the way you do, 008."

JC kissed her head. "No one could love you the way that I do, 99."