FANtasies Fanfiction




"WELL, SPY, you have two hours to live. How do you feel?" Chris asked.

Justin squirmed in the chair. "Just ducky, jackass."

Chris slapped him brutally across the cheek. "And will you still refuse to tell me where my step-daughter is?"


The substitute guards managed to flee, and found Joey in Heather's room, stripped to his boxers and handcuffed to the bed.

Joey quickly shrugged back into his clothes and reached for the phone.



"Sir, I know where Heather is."

"How?" Chris turned his back to his hostage.

"I believe she's working with them." Joey replied.

"'Them' who?"

"The spies."


Mrs. Harless, Mr. Harless, Lance, JC, and Heather arrived in the tiny town shortly after eleven.

"The clock is ticking." Lance announced. "We must hurry. Justin has mere minutes left alive. And the world is minutes from a war."

"Lance, we'll get there." said. "There will be no war, and we're not gonna lose another one."


The spy team- plus Heather- arrived at Loverlorne Mountain Ski Lodge at precisely 11:40 P.M.

JC tried to kick down the door, but failed.

"It must be dead-bolted. Thank goodness my shoes have steel in the toe." He groaned. "I have no choice but to use this." He took a small black disc out of his pocket.

"What the heck is that?" Heather asked. "It looks like a roach motel."

He peeled a sticker off the back of it and stuck it to the door. "Take cover, and fast! In ten seconds, you'll know exactly what it is!"

They all ran behind a ski rack about ten feet away.

There was a small explosion, and five seconds later, JC stepped forward, removing a black pen from his pocket.

"Never use your 'Mini Boom Bomb 4.0' without having your 'Super Secret Fire Dissolve' on hand!" JC smiled as he lifted the ink-filler on it, and a huge white mist shot from it, depleting the flames. "Let's go."

They all followed JC inside.

The spies held their guns at ready against their hips. JC removed a pistol from his jacket, and handed it to Heather. She slipped it into the top of one of her hose.

JC slipped a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and put them on. But they weren't ordinary sunglasses. They were "SPFX Rays", and they not only provided optical protection for the wearer, but were also used for X-Ray vision.

"They're around the next corner." he whispered.

They all walked around the corner... to spy Chris and Danielle standing there.

"We've been waiting for you." Chris said with an evil grin. "Bobbee, reveal our hostage!"

Lance and JC's jaws dropped when Bobbee stepped forward and pressed a button on the wall. That portion of the wall rose to reveal Justin, battered, bruised, and bleeding, tied to a chair.

Lynn gasped. "Justin!"

"Mom..." he said weakly.

Britney stepped from the shadows. "Well... Mrs. Harless... would you like to say goodbye to your son before you all die?"

"Britney?" Lynn couldn't believe it. She started to step forward.

"You can hug him, but try anything funny, and Bobbee here will blow his head off." Chris said.

Bobbee withdrew a tiny pistol from her halter top and aimed it at Justin.

Lynn ran over to her son and embraced him, her back facing their cruel captors. She pulled back a moment and looked into his eyes. He nodded, and she embraced him tightly, managing to slip her arms under the chair arms. She lightly snapped her fingers, and a knife sprang out of her sleeve and cut through the rope holding her son in the chair. In one swift move, he grabbed his mother's gun from the waistband of her skirt, leaned it over her shoulder, and shot Bobbee right between the eyes. She fell backward, dead on impact.

Suddenly, Joey appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Heather, who began screaming.

He pulled her into the middle of the room. "I never did like you much, you little slut."

"Joey!" A voice screamed.

He turned, and it was Danielle, clutching a gun. "Nobody, but nobody, hurts my daughter." She fired a single shot, hitting Joey in his collarbone. He let go of Heather as he fell to the ground.

Danielle sent a barrage of bullets hurtling at the spies, and though they tried their hardest to dodge them, one hit JC in the forearm.

Suddenly, a single bullet knocked the gun from Danielle's hand.

She was surprised that it came from a gun held by her 16-year-old daughter.

"Heather... Darling, you would shoot your own mother?"

"I'll do whatever it takes."

"For a life-sucking SPY?!?"

"He's more than a spy, mother. He's my LOVER."

A bullet dug its way into Danielle's knee as it shot from the barrel of Heather's gun, and Danielle collapsed.

Chris screamed and tossed a knife in Heather's direction.

JC jumped toward her, knocking her to the ground. The knife stuck in the wall, inches above their heads.

Meanwhile, Justin and Lynn were struggling with Britney, trying to wrestle her to the ground. Britney grabbed Lynn's arm and twisted it, shattering the bone, but also got her arm nicked with the wrist-knife.

Justin punched Britney, knocking her out cold.


Joey regained consciousness and attacked the first people he saw: Paul and Lance.

He sucker-punched Lance, bloodying the younger man's lip.

The only thing Paul could find in his coat pocket was a boomerang, and so he tossed it at Joey. It hit him right between the eyes, causing him to pass out again.

"Kirkpatrick, it's me that you want, not Heather. Leave her out of this." JC growled.

"Fine. Tell her to get out." Chris said.

Lance pulled a piece of rope from his back pocket and tied Joey's wrists together.

"Help me get him up." he told Paul.

Paul and Lance pulled up the unconscious lump.

"Paul! Get Mom out of here!" Justin exclaimed, carrying her over.

"Take care of her, Paul." Lance said. "I'll handle this creep."

"Get out of here, Heather!" JC exclaimed. "Leave! Now!"

Justin saw Britney awake, and ran over to throw a hearty kick in her teeth.

"You're not the only one who knows karate, lover."

"LOVER? Who you callin' lover?"

"While you were knocked out, I took what I wanted."

"You slut! You raped me!"

He gave a flying back-kick, sending her hurtling out the window, glass shattering everywhere. Britney missed the ski lift by a few feet, and began to fall down the hillside.

Justin hurtled through the window after her, grabbing tightly to one of the ski lift's seats. He flipped himself onto the top of it and looked down. Britney was dead, having fallen on a wooden post in the ground.

Danielle darted from the ski lodge, limping on one leg, but was apprehended by Lance.

"Oh, no ya don't, lady." He grinned. "You're going away for a long time."

Chris and JC kept fighting, as the time was growing closer. It was six minutes until midnight when Chris finally knocked out JC.

"He'll be out for a while. I can deal with him after the bomb launch." Chris chuckled. Then he remembered that the other spy was outside. It wouldn't take long to get rid of him.

Justin suddenly felt the ski lift come on.

"It's a good thing I learned how to keep my balance in spy school." he muttered.

Suddenly, Chris appeared on the ski lift.

"Prepare to die, little boy." He let out a high-pitched chuckle.

"You know what? You're a sissy, old man!" Justin exclaimed, and the two began to fight.

As they both struggled to stay on the moving ski lift, Chris succeeded in shoving the younger man off.

"Ahh, now I can-"

A hand forcibly turned him around.

"You're not going to be doing anything, Chris." JC punched the evil-hearted steel magnate. "You are the biggest scum I've ever fought."

"Yes, but, as you know, scum always rises back up to the top!" Chris shouted, shoving JC from the ski lift.

Little did he know, JC had caught onto one of the lower seats.

JC's eyes widened as he saw who was climbing up the ski lift.

"No..." he murmured, but he was ignored.

"Hey, Dad!" Heather exclaimed, and Chris couldn't believe it. "Consider this my emancipation." It took two bullets to knock the psycho off the ski lift.

JC was on the ground by the time Heather made it down.

"You're a hero now." JC said. "You've helped save the world from a senseless war."

"Help!" They heard a voice yell.

It took them less than two minutes to find Justin. He was battered and bruised, but alive.

"Are you guys okay?" Lance approached.

"We're good." JC said, rumpling Heather's hair. "We saved the day. Especially Heather."