FANtasies Fanfiction



    JC CALLED Lance as soon as he and Heather arrived in Paris.

Lance flew by plane to Paris, and met JC, Heather, and Mr. and Mrs. Harless at the Harlesses' cafe.

"Hey, Lance." JC greeted him. "Have a seat." He sighed. "Here's the game plan. At exactly eight o'clock, Chris, Danielle, and Joey will be attending yet an other party. Before they leave, Ms. Harless will trade places with the female clerk in the lobby. Tonight is the two guards' night off. After Chris, Danielle, and Joey leave, two others, substitutes, will take their places. I will attempt to help you and Mr. Harless trade places with them, and the rest, you'll know in due time."

"But will it help us save Justin and prevent a war?" Lance asked.


Five seconds after the Kirkpatricks and Joey left, Lynn Harless arrived at the front desk.

"Why, hello, Lynn." The girl smiled pleasantly.

"Hi, Vicki. I'm sorry, but you have the night off."

"I do?"

"Yes. I've just been hired here, and the manager wanted me to try out tonight." Lynn said.

"Wow, that's nice. New uniforms are in the office. Feel free. Wow. Good night." Vicki said as Lynn went into the office.


Rondol and Men`ard were gone at 8:15, and their replacements arrived five minutes later.

Lance and Paul stepped off the elevator coolly and started for Chris and Danielle's room.

"You can't go in there." The first sub said.

"Mr. Kirkpatrick sent us here." Lance said.

"He couldn't have. He just left fifteen minutes ago." The second sub said.


JC was wearing his tux as he and Heather arrived at the hotel.

"How's everything going, Mrs. Harless?" he asked as they reached the first desk. "Are you wearing the hearing device?" he added in a whisper.

"Yes. Are you wearing yours?"

"Yes. And my bug. What about Lance and your husband?"

"They're wearing both." Lynn said.

JC turned to Heather. "Stay here. Ms. Harless will let you know."

JC turned on his hearing device and his bug to hear Lance and Paul trying to convince the two subs that Chris had sent them.

Lynn handed JC a key and three signs marked "Elevator Out Of Service".

"Lance, Mr. Harless, I'll let you know when I'm almost there."


"I swear, Mr. Kirkpatrick sent us here." Lance said. "He... told us to meet him here."


"Gentlemen..." JC murmured. "On your marks."


The elevator dinged.

"That must be him now." Paul said.

The two subs faced the elevator as it opened, and JC came swinging, hanging on to the top of the door, and kicked them both in the face.

They both were knocked out cold on impact.

"Gentlemen.... step into the elevator and switch undergarments." JC said.

Lance and Paul drug the two guards into the elevator with them.

"Mrs. Harless, now." JC said loudly. "Heather, climb up the stairs to your room and get your supplies together. It's showtime."


"Tomorrow's going to be incredible." Joey said as he stood, drinking wine with Chris. "It's gonna be like Pearl Harbor."

"Even better." Chris said. "Japan will consider what they will do as a counterattack."


JC entered the party with a towel over his arm and carrying a tray.


A young man approached Joey.

"Pardona moi, monsieur." he said. "You are Joey Fatone, oui?" The man had a thick French accent. Joey nodded. "I have a message for you. Someone from ze Phillipe' Hotel called, saying zat zhere was an emergency, and you needed to return immediately and visit ze front desk."

"Why, thank you, sir. Have a nice evening." Joey nodded and put the half-drunken glass of wine on the tray. He turned to Chris. "I shall return, sir." He left.


JC darted out of the room. He put the tray and half-empty glass of wine on a nearby table with the towel.

"You've fallen right into our trap, Fatone." he murmured.


Joey looked down at the key the desk clerk had just given him. It was to Heather's room.

He was surprised to see the "Out Of Order" sign on the elevator, but shrugged and proceeded in climbing the stairs.

He saw the two guard substitutes and nodded in their direction.

He unlocked Heather's door and went in.


When the two substitute guards awoke, they were inside the elevator, wearing only their underwear, their hands and feet tied together.

"What in the-"

"How did we get in here?"


Joey turned on the light... to find Heather laying on her bed, wearing a robe, her soft, supple legs exposed.

"Heather... Darling... Where have you been?" he asked.


"But... We thought you'd been kidnapped."

"I wasn't." she said, sitting up. "Father sent me away. He wanted to catch that evil spy." He stared at her in disbelief. "I know about you and Father's operation. He told me of it, but he said that if I wanted to know anymore, I had to ask you."

"Well, uh, dear, I really don't think..." He was silenced by a finger over his lips.

"Joey, shut up and get naked."


"You heard me, Fatone." She growled seductively. "Strip down to your underwear."

"B-But why?" He panted as she ran a sharp fingernail up his chest.

"Now. Because I want you. Now." She whispered. She untied her robe and it fell to the floor in a puddle, revealing her lacy black bra and panties. Her thigh-high pantyhose were perfectly in place, and she heard his breath tighten. "Now." She murmured again.

He was quick to take off his suit jacket and shirt as she stepped away from him, and even quicker to drop his pants.

"Lay down. On the bed." She murmured, and he hurriedly followed her command. "That's good. close your eyes." He did as she wished. "She reached just beneath the sheets as she strattled him. "Good boy." she muttered. She opened the handcuffs, put them on his wrists, and also hooked them to the head of the bed.

"Whoa, baby, whatcha doin' there?" he chuckled.

"What I want to." she said. She kissed him roughly, biting into his lip. She licked her lips seductively. "Now, tell me about the operation." she murmured.

"Basically, everything you wanna know is in a folder in my dresser." Joey said in a husky voice.

"After I see it, you can have me." She growled. "I'll be back." she murmured.

She slipped out the door as she put on her robe.

Lance handed the key to Joey's room to Heather.

Heather found herself in Joey's room, searching through his dresser drawers.

She gasped in disgust as she picked up an oversized, leopard-print thong.

"Gross." she murmured, slinging it across the room.

Finally, she found a manila folder.

She slowly carried the folder back into her room.

"Have you seen it?" Joey panted.

"Yes." she murmured. She dug a black scarf out from under the bed and tied it around his head, over his eyes.

"What are you doing, Heather?" he asked.

"It's a surprise." she muttered. She suddenly moved away from him and put her dress and shoes on. She grabbed a roll of duct tape and covered his mouth with it. "Sorry, sucker." she said, taking the folder and leaving.

"Josh, get your butt back here." Lance murmured.

"I'm already here." Lance turned to see JC behind him.

"You got the folder." JC turned to Heather. She handed it over. He opened it. "'On April 20th, at approximately 12 a.m., we shall contact our contacts in California with the touch of a button; and with another touch of a button, they shall send a missile to Japan that shall kill many. Japan shall launch a counter-attack, declaring war on America. To insure that this happens, one of our supporters, a Japanese official, will demand action. One of our American supporters, someone who works under the President, will convince the President to declare war on Japan, and then say that the war shall not be over until Japan agrees to put a company there. Most likely, the Japanese will not agree for quite some time.'" JC's voice was a whisper. He swallowed. "Either the Japanese will agree, or a war shall begin. We shall kill anyone who gets in the way of our plans, especially any of those malicious spies from the Jive Agency. Ms. Bobbee Thomas, a double agent to our cause, believes this shall happen. Any spy will be eliminated at our headquarters precisely five minutes before our attack on Japan.'" JC paused. "Where's the headquarters?" He browsed through the folder until he came across a picture and a rather detailed sketch. "'The ski lodge at Loverlorne Mountain.'" He took a breath. "Where on Earth is that?"

"It's an old, out-of-business ski lodge." Heather said. "Mother and Chris used to take me there as a child. It went out about four years ago, but everything still works."

"Where is this place?" Lance wondered.

"It's in a little town just south of Paris." Heather said. "I haven't been there in a long while, but I'll surely find it."

"We have two and a half hours. Think you can find it in time?" JC asked.

Heather smiled. "Shouldn't be a problem."