FANtasies Fanfiction




THE woman with curly blond hair sipped her French Vanilla coffee quietly as she read her magazine. She was a spy, too, but wasn't as active as her son, Justin. She and her husband were owners of the little cafe that was located in the Eiffel Tower. They had gotten the job through the agency. They helped fellow spies who were in the area. They were called "fly spies". Every country had at least two, and the U.S. had two in each state. She'd seen her son briefly the day before. She had known he was in Paris.

"Mrs. Harless?" a voice asked.

She looked up... straight into the eyes of her son's best friend. She smiled and jumped up. "Jo-" She stopped when she saw the girl by his side. "JC! It's wonderful to see you. Paul!" She called for her husband. "Look who's here!" The dark-haired man ran out.

"JC! Hi!" Paul shook hands with him.

"Heather, this is my best friend's mother and step-father, Lynn and Paul Harless." JC introduced them. "Mr. and Mrs. Harless, this is Heather Thomas."

"Hello." Paul and Lynn said simultaneously.

"We need somewhere to hide out for a couple days. Possibly in another city nearby." JC said.

"How about Cannes? I can get you there by train in two hours." Paul said.

"It's a deal, then." JC smiled and shook Paul's hand.


JC and Heather arrived in Cannes at 11:30 p.m.

Heather was shaking with fear. She was afraid that she and JC would be caught by her step-father's men and be killed.

"Shh." JC tried to quiet her as they arrived at the hotel.

"May I help you?" The hotel clerk asked.

"Yes. My... wife and I need a room." JC said softly, glancing over at Heather. "You can put it in my name."

"Your name, sir?" she asked.

"JC Chasez." He handed her a driver's license.

"How long will you and Mrs. Chasez be staying, sir?" she asked.

"Two days and two and a half nights." JC said precisely.

"Your wife's name? We must have it, but we don't have to see any ID." The clerk said.

"Heather." he said, grasping her trembling hand.

"All right." The clerk paused. "Your room is room 28, on the fourth floor. Can I see your credit card, sir?"

JC nodded and handed it to her.

She handed the card and license back to him, along with the key. "Good night, sir. Good night, m'amm."


Heather quietly settled in the bed in her pajamas.

JC joined her a few minutes later, wearing no shirt and a pajama bottom.

He gave her a soft, wordless kiss good night, then rolled over and closed his tired eyes.


Her voice in the dark forced his eyes open.

"Yes, Heather?"

"I'm scared." She sounded like a little girl as he rolled over to face her.

"Oh... Come here." He whispered, pulling her into his warm, secure arms. He tenderly kissed the top of her head as he pulled her to him. His chin then rested on top of her head as she drifted to sleep.


Justin apologized to Chris for the second time that night. It was after dinner.

"I'm sorry I was an hour late, sir. I had business to tend to." Justin shook hands with the older man.

"It's fine, Mr. Timberlake." Chris smiled. "Now I have to get back to my wife, if you'll excuse me. Have a good evening."

"Goodbye, sir." Justin nodded as Chris left, and then heard his cell phone ring. "Timberlake."

"Justin, it's me." A female voice whispered.

"Mom?" Justin murmured.

"Yes." Lynn hissed. "Josh told me to call."

"Why? What's happened?" Justin wondered.

"He had to flee with the girl."

"With the girl?"

"Yes. He's trying to protect her." Lynn announced.

"Dang it! I told him not to trust her!" Justin cried. "She's the enemy's step-daughter!" He added in a whisper.

Lynn sighed. "I don't know, son. I don't know."


When Chris and Danielle arrived back at their hotel room, the guards were in a frenzy.

"What's going on?" Chris demanded.

"Sir, we heard someone in your room." Rondol said.

"And when we went in, the back door was ajar, a window shattered, and things scattered. No one was there." Men`ard stated.

"And then we went into Mrs. Thomas's room, and it was empty, an left in the same fashion." Rondol continued. "Sir, I think the spy has kidnapped her."

"And when was this, gentlemen?" Chris asked curiously.

"Shortly after eight." Men`ard said.

"I believe we know who our spy is, Danielle." Chris said.

"Yes." Danielle said. "Mr. Timberlake was much over an hour late."

"Yes. Rondol, Men`ard, please fetch him in the morning. Joey and I will take care of him." Chris said.