FANtasies Fanfiction



HEATHER awoke to find JC squatting over her.

"Heather?" he asked.

"How long was I out, JC?" She wondered.

"About ten minutes." he said softly.

"Oh." she mumbled. He helped her sit up. "How do you know the information you just told me?"

"I cannot share that with you, but I can tell you what he's doing." JC shared what Lance had told him of Chris's plans.

"How- Oh, my god. This CAN'T be true! How can I possibly believe you?" Heather asked.

"I brought no proof, Heather. All you can do is trust me, and the knowledge that I hold inside." he said softly, his beautiful blue eyes begging her to believe him.

"I believe you, JC." she sighed. "But why are you telling me this?"

"Because I need your help." JC answered. "I have to bust him before it's too late." He took a deep breath. "You are never going to believe this, but your mother and fiancée are in on it."

Heather gasped. "Mother? A-and Joey? I never would have expected it!" Her hand flew to her mouth. "Oh my god!" She finally drew in a breath, but it was ragged with shock. "So how do I help you?"

"You convince Joey or one of your parents to reveal to you the location of the operation. Where the crime ring has their meetings." he replied.

"And how can I do that?"

"Any way you can."


Justin had made his way into Chris and Joey's circle of friends. Somehow, he had.

As he sat alone in his hotel room, he wondered how Josh was doing with Heather.


"I'll do it, JC." Heather said. "You can count on me."

"Great. This is a big help, Heather. Thank you." JC politely lifted her hand to his lips and kissed him. "Merci, mi cherie."

"No problemo, Monsieur." She smiled sweetly, and without any warning of word, his lips found hers in the quiet dimness of the room. She was shocked, and could not move or react. All she could was his soft lips pressing hard against hers in the softened darkness.

His mouth suddenly moved from hers, and she could see the apology in his handsome face.

"I'm so sorry, Heather. I-I don't know what came over me." He ran a hand through his hair, and a tremble erupted up her spine. This man was mysteriously sexy, unlike any man shed ever met.

"It's fine, JC; because I enjoyed it." She smiled, breathing into his shoulder.

"You did?" His voice grew deep in the hushed room.

"Yes, I did. More so than anything else in my life." She pressed her voluptuous chest against his somewhat muscular one. He sought her lips with his again, and they were quickly found. Her knees buckled; no man had ever made her feel in such a way.

"JC..." She was able to catch her breath. "Please, we have to stop. I like you and everything, but, please, I want my virginity to remain intact."

"I'm sorry, Heather. I really like you, too." JC smiled, caressing her cheek with his long, lean fingers. "I will contact you tomorrow. Learn as much information as possible about your stepfather's next action as you can. Goodnight, my dear." He softly pressed his lips to hers again, then opened the door and left.

Heather smiled. "Wow. How incredible is that?"