FANtasies Fanfiction



I watched as the waves rushed up and over my feet. The water in Cancun was so beautiful, and it reminded me of his eyes. Those light blue eyes that just sparkled and shown like and aquamarine diamond, if one existed. I missed him deeply. He was taking care of some business while I sat on the beach all by my lonesome. The night air was surprisingly peaceful and calm, none of those noisy, butt-headed Spring Breakers in sight. The water continued to dance over my cold feet, soothing them. I had went out dancing with him for two nights, and, boy, were my feet sore. They ached.

And that's why I had decided to go down to the beach and he decided to tend to his business. He was still on my mind, however. Those ocean-blue eyes, that soft, black hair, that goofy smile, how well he danced. It was all on my mind.

I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, and I spun around. And there he was, standing before me.

"Hey." He said. "Your feet still sore?" I nodded. "Sorry I stepped on your feet last night. It's been FOREVER since I slow-danced."

"It's okay. I still like dancing with you." I smiled, and he smiled back, holding out his hands to help me up. I grabbed them and he pulled me to my feet. "But, next time, don't wear those loafers. They're heavy, and they hurt."

"No problem, sweetie." he said softly. "No problem."

And we slowly walked through the wet Cancun sand.