FANtasies Fanfiction

Absolutely Beautiful


She sighed as she looked out the window of her luxurious skyscraper apartment. The night was so peaceful, yet so bright. She was trying to think of what to write about it; for the Manhattan brochure that was going to be included in the magazine for which she was the editor. It sounded a bit silly to include a travel brochure in a magazine called "Teen Pulse", but, as he had reminded her before he left, "Teenage girls travel, too!"

She sighed again as she thought of him. He was the reason why she was having such a hard time concentrating, because she hadn't seen him for so long. Two months was a long time to be away from the man you'd only been married to for five months.

She thought of what he would say about the view she was gazing at, and a million words hit her at once.

" The moon dances across the water like a skater on ice. The reflection of the lights in the water glimmer like cat's eyes, staring suspiciously up at you. The stream of noisy cars fill the streets unendingly, and people are walking on the sidewalk, seeming like tiny ants as you look at them. As you notice Times Square off in the distance, you think of the absolutely delicious Chinese restaurant that is located there. New York is a wonderful place for a date..."

She stopped writing as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to look up into his big, pale blue eyes and smiled. It was a shock to see him home so early, and she stood to greet him. As she hugged him tightly, and as she stared up at him, she realized a word that described both him AND the sight she had beheld only seconds before:

absolutely beautiful.